Scripts for TV Anchors

posted Oct 11, 2011, 12:59 AM by Carl Atnip
==========================Script for Anchors=============================
Hello and welcome, our top story today is cooler weather.
But first, here is a word from our ‘sponsor’.

(Sponsor= People who pay money to be on TV)

(Script for principals) Principals introduction and welcome message !!

Very wonderful, and thank you.
Changes in the weather are a welcome sign that winter is just around the corner, but some people aren’t so thrilled with the idea of cooler weather.
We go now to our ‘correspondent’ in the field for the info.

(correspondent = news reporter)

Thanks ___(Anchor-1)____. I am standing here (with/in front of)_____________(interviewee).
Can you tell us what cooler weather means to you? _______________.
Thanks for your comment (Mr/Mrs./Sir/Mam)____.
Seems like cooler weather is ________(good/bad) for some people.
That is all from here.
Back to you in the newsroom!

Thank you __(Reporter)__!
Well, to get a better look at what is causing this change in weather, let’s go now to our meteorologist for a better look at what is happening out there.
(Meteorologist = TV weather person)

Thank you __(Anchor-1)__.
Looking at the satelight photo’s of our are, you can see that there is a storm to the north that is responsible for pushing the cooler weather down to us. This storm is also predicted to bring some ‘scattered’ showers.So make sure you stay warm and dry these next few days.

And now a look at the weekly forecast for your area.

(Scattered = Off and On)